Meet the staff

Meghan Bramlett, MA36217

Greetings! I am Meghan Young, the proud proprietor of Phoenix Body & Mind, where I not only manage but infuse vitality into the realm of wellness. As a seasoned and fully licensed massage therapist, I boast an extensive portfolio of over two decades in the field.

My fervor lies in liberating individuals from the clutches of chronic pain and discomfort, a commitment that has steered my career as a massage educator for over a decade. Beyond the massage table, my dedication extends to empowering clients with the knowledge to manage their well-being between sessions.

In addition to my massage expertise, I hold credentials in personal training, wellness and fitness coaching, and possess a background in nutrition. Notably, I am armed with a coveted NLP Master certificate, focusing on coaching, and hold the esteemed title of a certified life coach. My mission revolves around dismantling the negative cognitive patterns that shackle individuals, preventing them from crafting the life they aspire to lead.

Driven by passion, I find immense joy in imparting my gifts to others. If you find yourself contemplating the ideal therapist in Deland, FL, rest assured that I am here to guide you towards a path of rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Gina Burroughs, MA70595

Hello, I'm Gina Burroughs, the driving force behind Phoenix Body & Mind, dedicated to sculpting a path to enhanced well-being. With over two decades as a fully licensed massage therapist, I specialize in the art of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), adding a holistic touch to your journey.

Proudly associated with the FSMTA since 2012, I've held roles such as Past Treasurer of the Flagler/Volusia FSMTA Chapter and currently serve as the FSMTA Flagler/Volusia Chapter President.

My educational journey led me through Daytona State in 2012, where I honed my skills in massage. I'm also a Level 1 Certified Reiki Practitioner and hold a specialized certification in Massage for the Oncology Patient.

Having contributed my skills to esteemed establishments such as Masso Healing Massage, and Premier Pain Relief in Daytona Beach, I've cultivated a rich tapestry of experience.

In all facets of my practice, my aim is not merely to provide a service but to genuinely enhance your life. If you're on the lookout for a dedicated therapist in Deland, FL, your journey to a better life begins here with me, Gina Burroughs.

Yenia Sanchez, MA67596

Greetings, I'm Yenia Sanchez, a proud graduate of Keiser University with a Massage License acquired in 2010. Throughout my career, I've collaborated with chiropractors and physical therapists, gaining valuable experience.

My journey has exposed me to various modalities, including deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, post-surgical massage, pregnancy massage, Swedish massage.

While I am skilled in a range of techniques, my true passion lies in deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial therapies. These modalities, in particular, allow me to harmonize the body and facilitate my clients' well-being.

In my philosophy, I emphasize the significance of our feet as the foundation of our body. I believe that addressing issues in the feet—enhancing their mobility and flexibility—is crucial in preventing and resolving troubles throughout the entire body.

For me, the power of touch holds profound healing potential, and I am a firm believer in the comprehensive therapeutic benefits that massage brings to those seeking wellness and balance.

Racheal Wardlaw, Fb9779795

My passion lies in the art of boosting people's confidence and well-being through the transformative experiences of dermaplaning and rejuvenating facials. As a dedicated specialist in dermaplaning, I take great pleasure in revealing the inherent radiance of each individual by skillfully exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, unveiling a refreshed and smoother complexion. It's a process I approach with both precision and care, aiming not just to enhance the physical appearance but also to uplift the spirit. Beyond dermaplaning, my expertise extends to the realm of relaxation as a seasoned massage therapist. In my soothing facials, I seamlessly blend my skills to create an oasis of tranquility, melting away every bit of tension and stress. What sets my services apart is the personalized touch—I take immense pride in tailoring each facial to meet the unique needs of every client. Whether it's addressing specific skin concerns or simply providing a serene escape from the demands of everyday life, my goal is to leave each person not just looking better but feeling truly confident and at peace in their own skin.